How to connect and expose CDS to Fiori

Simple Steps: 1.  Create a CDS view with @analytics.query:true 2. Once the CDS view is ready, then proceed to fiori launchpad. 3. Go to View Browser/Query Browser, and search for the above CDS view, and browse the content. 4. Copy the url, example: http://<server:port>/sap/bc/ui2/flp?sap-client=<client>&sap-language=EN#AnalyticQuery-analyze?XQUERY=2CZCPARAMETER<any further content> 5. Go to Fiori Designer and create a new static tile in the catalog, in the target url, enter the part between # and till the query name i.e #AnalyticQuery-analyze?XQUERY=2CZCPARAMETER. 6. Save the tile. 7. Add the tile in a group by clicking the '+' icon within the group in Fiori Designer from the catalog you created the tile in. 8. After the tile is added successfully, refresh the page. Go to PFCG, create required roles, and assign the catalog and group in the roles, and assign the roles to different users who need access to the same. 9. Once completed, re